A channel is an account that allows pollster to organize their poll and polling history more effectively. This account can also be managed by multiple users who will be known as channels members. Channels are effective ways for organizations, brands or institution to engaged with their audience and managed that engagement with better insight and visibility.

There are a lot more tools available for channels account that are not available to ordinary user accounts. These includes.

  1. More daily poll quota
  2. Multi-poll response analysis
  3. Multi-user poll management
  4. Follower-ship trend analysis
  5. Request custom data services

Many more data products will come directly under channel account rather than user accounts.

Process in creating a channel account.

  • To create a channel for your business or brand, you must have add a user account. Create one here.
  • Fill the channel creation form
  • The channel will be activated in less than 24 hours. (Note that this time lag is necessary to allow WakaPoll confirm the identity of the channel creator. we don't like impersonators and do not  want them to operate freely).
  • Channels is activated after successful confirmation of identity.