WakaPollLive is a product of WakaPoll that is built for real time communication and polling for businesses, organizations or anyone who wishes to reach an audience in a very interactive manner.

The communication is often in the form of

  • Chat message
  • Questions and answer

A moderator exist at one end while the audience at the other, exchanging ideas and opinions from both ends.

Why your organization/brand need it?

The benefits our platform for live interaction offers include but not limited to:

  1. Creating a solid avenue for getting feedback from the audience on live events/show.
  2. Helping create the possibility of audience to add to the show or event.
  3. Helps aggregate data or sentiment points that would have otherwise be scatter all over various social media.
  4. Providing a great opportunity for data mining, sentiment analysis, and inference from natural language data as well as poll answers.
  5. It can be fun and entertaining.


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