WakaPoll Nigeria is here – Nigeria’s premier social polling platform. It is built to be free for most activities and encourages a visible data-driven perspectives to any subject, issue or trend in the national or cultural context. Beyond that, we offer tools that we enable pollster analyze their results in very insightful ways and beyond.

According to Wikipedia, social polling is

a form of open access polling, which combines social media and opinion polling. In contrast to tradition polling the polls are formulated by the respondents themselves.Social polling is an example of non-probability sampling that uses self-selection rather than a statistical sampling scheme


In WakaPoll , we encourage empirical perspective to public opinion. With this tool available online, anyone can be a pollster by

  • creating a poll
  • sharing the link on social media platforms or contacts.
  • gathering the response
  • analyzing the responses


WakaPoll currently supports building various kinds of polls or responses including, single choice and multiple choice options, free text entry or even image choices. More options are still under development as we hope to satisfy a wide range of polling strategies.

As part of our objectives, WakaPoll intends that

  • polls are designed to be publicly accessible
  • poll results should also be publicly accessible
  • the decision to allow access to more analytics of the results or download should be made by the pollster.

Furthermore, Wakapoll offers a “Channel” product that should be more suited for organizations, social entities or even individuals to organize their polling in a single portfolio. More service offering are available under channels than as a single login pollster.

See channels for more.

So as we seek to open up another channel of communication and exchange, we hope that the public will make good use of this product to explore and communicate the happenings in our society and beyond, grow their businesses, better understand their customer or fan base and and more especially build a better nation.