Social Polling is where traditional polling meets today's online social world. It is opinion polling in an open access system. In today's world, people express themselves mostly on social media more than any other means and at such businesses or organizations and brand can take the advantage of the medium to keep track of their public sentiments.

Truthfully, traditional polling has been for decades now. But this is very tedious and often involve knocking on doors, distributing printed questionnaire forms, making calls and most time, this brings inconveniences to the audience that need their time and space. Also, the need to do scientific polling brings another very important step - population sampling if we are to ensure accurate predictive model from the polls.

WakaPoll is that place where we take social polling as first step while keeping the scientific modellingg as our goal. We offer tools that can enable anyone and really anyone, to create polls for their businesses, brand or whatever reason, publish these polls on our site or social networks, share them, collect the responses as they come in and analyze them once all is done. Furthermore, you can do various demographic analysis from the response to gain further insight. What's more? For FREE.

WakaPoll is currently tailored for the Nigerian audience as our initiative to drive local content. We are always available and will always remain free.

Check out our Channel services that provides organization to have accounts that can be used by more than one person. Our most enterprises service are and will be built solely for channels.

Take advantage of our services today and get ahead of the curve of insight-driven decision making.

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